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Utah Chinese Golden Spike 150th Anniversary Celebration 

US-China Summit on Education, Innovation, Trade and Business

“Crossroads of the West, Connection of the Oceans”

The Little America Hotel, 500 Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Individual registration:

For group registration, contact us:

 May 9

  • 2-5pm: Higher Education Forum
  • 2-5pm: Youth Literature and Arts Competition (Semifinals)
  • 7-9pm: Welcome Reception for VIP Guests (by invitation only)

May 10

  • 8am-3pm: Sesquicentennial (150th Anniversary) Celebration at Golden Spike Historical Site (admission, lunch and transportation provided, Register above)
  • 3-6pm: Youth Literature and Arts Competition (Finals)
  • 7:30-9:30pm: Utah Chinese Golden Spike Celebration Gala (Register above)
    • Keynote Speech
    • Youth Awards on Literature and Arts
    • Outstanding Achievement and Contribution of Chinese Americans Award

May 11

  • Utah Chinese Golden Spike Symposium (Register above)
    • 9-10am: Keynote Speech
    • 10am-12pm: Past, Present, and Future
      • Experience of Chinese Railroad Workers and Immigrants
      • Chinese Railroad Workers: They Helped Build a Railroad − and a Nation
    • 1-3pm: Transportation Technology and Development in US and China
    • 3:30-5:30pm: US-China Economics and Trade Forum, Co-hosted by the World Trade Center Utah and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, supported by the Utah Chinese Golden Spike Celebration Committee and Spike 150
  • 5:30-6:30pm: Dinner (Register above)
  • 7-9pm: "Forever Golden Spike - Toward the Future" Grand Concert and Cultural Performance (Butler Middle School)

Hotel: Reserve your rooms here:


Since 1993



The Little America Hotel, 500 Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101





  • 2-5pm:高等教育论坛
  • 2-5pm:青少年文学和艺术大赛(半决赛)
  • 7-9pm:欢迎招待会(仅对受邀请嘉宾开放)


  • 8am-3pm:在金钉公园参加官方的金钉节一百五十周年庆典(包括入场、午餐、和交通,注册链接见上
  • 3-6pm:青少年文学和艺术大赛(决赛)
  • 7:30-9:30pm:犹他华人金钉庆祝晚宴注册链接见上
    • 主题演讲
    • 青少年文学和艺术大赛颁奖仪式
    • 华裔杰出成就与贡献奖


  • 犹他华人金钉研讨会注册链接见上
    • 9-10am:主题演讲
    • 10am-12pm:铁路华工以及华人移民的过去、现在和将来
    • 1-3pm:铁路技术与发展论坛
    • 3:30-5:30pm:美中经济与贸易论坛(犹他世贸中心和中国贸促会共同主办、犹他华人金钉庆祝组委会和 Spike150协办)
  • 5:30-6:30pm:晚餐(注册链接见上
  • 7-9pm:金钉永恒--奔向未来音乐会(Butler Middle School)



Our Missions 组委会宗旨

  • To commemorate and bring to the awareness of the mainstream society the outstanding contributions of Chinese pioneers to the Transcontinental Railroad construction, and the contribution of contemporary Chinese immigrants to the economic development of the United States. 纪念并向社会各界宣讲华人先驱为建设美国太平洋铁路所立的功勋、当代华人移民为美国经济发展所做的贡献;
  • To strive for and safeguard the lawful rights equal to those of the mainstream society for the Chinese in the U.S. today and for tomorrow‘s future generations. 争取、维护今天的在美华人和明天的华人后代合法平等的权利;
  • To unify understandings of the Chinese in the U.S. so as to better contribute to the economic development and social advancement of the United States.凝聚在美华人共识、更好地为美国经济发展和社会进步而努力。

Advisors 组委会顾问

Zhang, Sujiu(张素久)、Le, Taowen(乐桃文)、Jimmy Lu(吕健民)、Zhu, Hao(朱昊)、Wan, Le(万乐)、Wu, Fusheng(吴伏生)、Chen, En-An(陈恩安)、Peter Chan (陈尔岗)、Steven Ha(何虹辉)、Victor Pan(潘星华)、Lin, Minyue(林民跃)、Man Hung(洪文)等

Officers 组委会负责人

  • Co-Chairs 共同主席:Bill Jiang (蒋为民)、Xiaoming Sheng(盛晓明)
  • Vice-Chairs 副主席:Zhonghua Zhan(占中华)、Xiaoming Dong (董校铭)、Eric Cheng (郑永钦)、Kuang Lee (李光宇)
  • Secretary General 秘书长:Xiaomei Yang(杨晓梅) 

Committee Members 组委会成员

Weili Cheng、Xiaoming Dong、Tina Feng、Mingshan Han、Hua Jiang、Bill Jiang、Bo Lu、Kuang Lee、Chris Leng、Kuan Li、Steve Lin、Ying Ma、Yun Layton、Wei Peng、Xiaoming Sheng、Andrew Su、Rujie Sun、Victor Wang、Jie Wang、Ming Wen、Sheng Xiao、Wu Xu、Dandan Yang、Wenjin Yang、Xiaomei Yang、Zhonghua Zhan、Eric Cheng、Zheng Zheng、Keming Zhou(程惟丽、董校铭、冯婷婷、韩明山、蒋华、蒋为民、吕波、李光宇、冷剑伟、李宽、林壮基、马英、倪云、彭伟、盛晓明、苏冠城、孙儒杰、汪刚强、王洁、文鸣、肖晟、徐午、杨丹丹、杨文进、杨晓梅、占中华、郑永钦、郑铮、周克明)等

Since 1993

Member Organizations 组委会共同发起单位

  • Utah Chinese Golden Spike Society 犹他华人金钉协会
  • Utah Chinese Civic Center 盐湖城华助中心
  • Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Utah  犹他州中国旅美科协
  • Confucius Institute at the University of Utah  犹他大学孔子学院
  • United Chinese Association of Utah  犹他州华人联合会
  • Oriental Chinese School 犹他州东方中文学校
  • Eastern Trends Newspaper 犹他州《东方报》报社
  • Intermountain Chinese Business Association 犹他州华商会
  • Chinatown Culture Center 中国城文化中心
  • International Leadership Academy 国际领导学院
  • Logan Chinese School 犹他州罗岗中文学校
  • CSSA, University of Utah 犹他大学中国学生学者联谊会
  • CSSA, Brigham Young University 杨百翰大学中国学生学者联谊会
  • CSSA, Utah State University 犹他州立大学中国学生学者联谊会
  • CSSA, Weber State University 韦伯州立大学中国学生学者联谊会

Sponsors 支持和赞助单位

  • NewPath Diagnostics
  • Capital Trading, LLC
  • UDOT  (Utah Department of Transportation) 犹他州交通厅
  • UTA  (Utah Transit Authority) 犹他公共交通管理局
  • WTC(Word Trade Center Utah)犹他世界贸易中心
  • Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA 美国中国旅美科协总会
  • Chinese Association for Science and Technology, Washington D.C. Chapter 美国中国旅美科协华盛顿特区分会
  • American Education Federation 美国教育联盟
  • IDG/Horizon Management
  • Utah Symphony | Utah Opera 犹他交响乐团 | 犹他话剧团
  • 广东省佛山市泰源服装洗染有限公司
  • Chinatown Supermarket中国城超市
  • 西南知识产权
  • ARIIX Corporate
  • Ke XU, MD
  • 北京郁乔源矿产投资咨询有限公司Beijing Yuqiaoyuan Investment Consulting
  • 大中商场
  • 人在犹他
  • 美华史记
  • LaRouchePac Utah Chapter


NewPath Diagnostics

Capital Trading, LLC

   Ke Xu, MD

Chinatown Supermarket中国城超市



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